Our Services


At Waggey Land we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to doggy day care. We call it Pack-led Play Care! Pack-led Play Care empowers your dog to channel their inner wolf and develop a natural, safe and enriching pack mentality. To ensure your dog’s compatibility with the Waggey Land pack we’ll perform an in-home assessment with you, your family and of course your pooch! By ensuring compatibility among the pack we can trust all of our dogs to play freely in a cage-free environment, naturally gain confidence, have fun and be safe all day.

Doggy Play Care

All day, all play! One of our Waggeymobiles will pick-up and drop-off your pup, where in between they’ll spend the day indulging in our free range, cage-free, indoor/outdoor environment. Enrollment in Play Care is based on our in-house assessment which can be schedules here.


Overnight Stays

Heading out of town? Does your best friend need a comfy bed in a safe and fun environment surrounded by all their best friends? We have your back! Overnight stays are supervised all evening by our Pack Leaders and can be scheduled for short- or long-term stays. Enrollment in our Overnight Stay services is based on our in-house assessment which can be scheduled here.



Who doesn’t love a fresh hair cut or a luxurious day at the spa? Exactly. So shouldn’t your best bud enjoy the same luxuries. At Waggey Land we will soon provide full service grooming that can be scheduled for your dog’s next visit. Cuts, trims, baths, grooming, the works! And all while your dog is enjoying positive pack energy!