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Door-to-Door Doggy Daycare

Waggey Land


Our Concept

Free Range, Pack-led Play for your Dog

No crates, no boundaries, just fun! At Waggey Land we believe that your best friend deserves as much freedom to learn, grow and play as they need. Our dogs engage in pack-led play aimed at complimenting their natural social abilities and engaging their creativity. This means no cages, no mandatory kennel time, limited human interaction, and the happiest pack o’ pups you’ve ever seen keeping each other entertained. We pre-screen all potential members for pack compatibility, ensuring all new-comers to the program will flourish with our existing packs.


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Let’s see if your pup is a good fit for our unique pack-led play care experience.



Being a single working dog dad, I was at first unsure how I would keep my pup, Josie, busy and attended to during the day. JR and his team are phenomenal! Since starting Waggey Land, my Josie has become far more confident in interacting with other pups and sleeps like a rock by the time she gets home!
— Robert Morgan
JR came to our house to meet us and evaluate Macy to be sure he felt she was ready and that it would be a good fit. Her first day at Waggey Land he sent us updates on how she was doing throughout the day. By the end of the first week she was part of the Waggey Land family and we saw a difference in her behavior almost immediately.
— Rebecca Faber Coyle
Getting a puppy can be stressful when you’re working full time and looking for the right place/person to care for them... But we lucked out with Waggey Land and JR, he could not have made it any easier!! He’s there whenever we need - walks, daycare (pick-up/dropoff included), overnights and even grooming! JR and team care so much about our puppy, Buckley that I find myself texting them about Buckley’s habits or seeking advice as a first time dog owner.
— Lauren Nichols



Every dog has a unique personality – what works for one dog may not work for another and we get that. Our goal is to make your life easy and give you comfort that Waggey Land is an extension of your family. We look forward to meeting and seeing how we can be your dog’s second home, providing peace of mind that your beloved pup is safe, happy and well cared for. 

 See our happy pups in action

Meet the Owners

JR & John

Like many, we had demanding careers and struggled managing our life/work balance. Over the years we tried a number of dog services, but they were all the same: informal relationships with non-existent customer service, coupled with inflexible scheduling and poor conditions. Life shouldn’t work this way!

That’s why we’re different at Waggey Land. We’re about convenience and service to you as an owner, providing a fun and safe outlet for your pooch. With our Play Care service, we'll pick up your pooch in the morning and drop them off in the evening, happy and tired from a day of safe indoor/outdoor fun and play.